Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cambodia Wrap Up....Bad boys, Babes, Busses and Bum Guns.

Bad Boys
Seavyi, Untac and Lavi were my three "bad boys". Seavyi actually told me, on numerous occasions, what a bad boy he is. He is not, in fact, a bad boy at all, none of them are, but they were all a whole lot of fun.



These wonderful young men amused me, made me laugh, impressed me with their drive and kept me supplied with hugs, coffee and fun. I miss them all and can't wait to see them again.

Nat, Dani, Tara and Kate as well as Daisy and Erin, were all delightful. Nat was the first babe I met, the day I arrived in Battambang, and I loved her instantly. It's hard not to. She is so happy and bubbly and warm. Dani had lunch with me that first day, and again, it was instant love. She too has that indefinable quality that just draws you to her. Tara is an absolute dynamo. Full of ideas, constantly on the move even when she's sitting still, but so embracing. I can't wait to get a chance to spend more time delving into her amazing brain....and Kate....Kate was away meeting her gorgeous boyfriend, Lars in PP the first week I was there. I wish I had been able to spend more time with them because from the moment they came back to the Bong, Kate and Lars both became an important part of my experience. 

(Sorry Lars, you should probably be in with the bad boys but somehow you ended up with the babes instead...I'm sure you'll cope, they're a pretty awesome bunch of ladies). I FUCKING LOVE THESE BABES!

There is nothing like Cambodian busses! Take a bus timetable with a grain of salt. Not only will they leave when they feel like it, they will also take as long as they take to get to their destination, and will quite possibly break on the way there. But fear not, as long as they can be gaffer taped back together, they will push on. I love a good "Cambodia fix" as much as the next person. You just have to try not to think too hard about the possible consequences of a quick fix... on a bus... on a Cambodian "highway". Suffice to say, I caught 3 such busses during my trip, the first took about 3 hours longer than advertised, the second left 45 minutes late but got us to our destination on time (??!?) and the third did break, but they taped it back together and we made it safely.

Bum Guns
What can be said about bum guns? Anyone who has been to S.E. Asia knows what I'm talking about. They are everywhere. Toilet paper is really only a concession to tourists. They don't understand it but they know we want it. A bum gun is a quite sensible alternative. But be prepared, they pack a punch. You'll often hear it said that it's difficult to find a shower in Cambodia that has decent water pressure, but rest assured, the bum gun will have enough pressure to put out a large fire, and can be quite the "hello" when it hit's your backside!
I didn't get any photos of the bum guns I met on my travels, so I borrowed these from google images.

If there's one thing I don't miss about Cambodia, it's these. But I do miss the Babes and the Bad Boys, and the food, and the kids and the whole freaking place. I plan to return towards the end of the year, and it can't come soon enough. Thanks to those that made my stay so awesome. Love all your guts. See you soon! :)

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