Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Introduction

The title of this blog kind of says it all. I am career hospitality and often, hospitality really does bite....
That's not to say that I don't enjoy my work, I do, mostly. But what I have discovered over the years is that every day, without fail, there is a story to tell. Sometimes they are good stories, sometimes, not so good stories. But stories they are and stories should be shared.

So this blog is about sharing the ups and downs of working in an industry where we are subjected to the good, the bad and everything in between of human interactions. Most of our days are spent interacting with strangers. Some of those strangers come into our world on a regular basis and we get to know a bit of who they are. Some of them are fleeting encounters and, rarely, one of those strangers will become a friend.

This blog is also a place where I will vent some of the frustrations and the rewards of dealing with the general public for a living. Those of you who work in the industry will relate to many of the stories I have to tell. Those who don't may learn something new about being a customer, or just about being a human being.
While hospitality is the focus, I will also attempt to simply share observations of life outside of the world of work. So here goes.....

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