Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's not me, It's you

Colleague Gripe #1

Dear fellow worker,
I know you are tired at the end of the shift and you hate doing closes. Still, you have worked here for 3 years and you know what needs to be done. So why do I still come in for my opening shift and have to spend an hour doing all the things you "forgot" to do last night? It's not enough to say you're sorry over and over and over, just do your damn job.

Customer gripe #1

Dear lady who thinks my world revolves around you,
You came in expecting to sit inside at the busiest time of day. You are mad because someone told you didn't need to book and now there are no seats left inside. I have told you that you and your friends are welcome to take one of the outdoor tables, that you don't have to book but that if you want a certain table, it's not a bad idea to ring ahead, and that if you would like to wait on the lounge and have a drink, I may be able to find you an inside table in about 20 minutes.
I have been polite and I have tried to be helpful but still you insist on yelling at me because you don't want to sit outside, you were told you didn't need to book and you don't want to wait.
Screaming at me will not make a table magically appear exactly where you want it. It will not make the slight breeze outside disappear so that you and your friends can comfortably sit in the outdoor area without catching pneumonia, and it will not change the fact that you did not book ahead.
What it will do, is allow you a good glimpse of my butt as I walk away from your rude self and get on with serving my other customers.
Try being polite next time and you might find your friends haven't left you to your shouting and gone outside to avoid being associated with the crazy lady.


  1. so, you're saying you don't like being screamed at? Aren't you being a little over-sensitive? After all it should have been made perfectly clear in the job description: "..shit pay, long hours, demanding bosses, lazy colleagues and screaming customers.."

  2. Sure, but does anyone ever really read their job description?