Friday, 1 March 2013

One of those days...

It's actually been two of those days.

The first day was one of those days where just about every customer was a genuine pain in the arse. It was nothing major, just a lot of little irritations that built up over the day so that by the time my shift ended I really just wanted to hit something.

We all have those days and as mentioned in previous posts, because I have holidays coming up (in just four more shifts), I am finding it particularly difficult at the moment to deal with rude, messy, disrespectful customers.

Day two, I got cancelled when the manager decided to close for the dinner shift due to bad weather. I wouldn't normally mind, but I am madly scratching together last minute cash for my holiday so losing out on a $150 shift hurts.

Still, if I'm honest, right now I'd pay $150 not to have to put on my happy face for some condescending idiot so I guess, in the scheme of things, it's probably okay that I got the day off!

On an unrelated note, there has been construction happening on a new KFC restaurant in our town for some months now. For some reason, people seem to be excited about the prospect of greasy chicken being available (up until now, the nearest KFC was 45 minutes away). Anyway, my Facebook was  overrun yesterday with status updates about the KFC finally being opened and how exciting it is ??? Today, it had to close down again due to water damage from the rain! You would think they could afford to employ builders that know how to put a roof on properly! I guess those of us who didn't line up at the door to grab our fat fix on day one will have to delay the great KFC gorge of 2013 until they work out how to stop the rain mixing with the deep fryer oil

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