Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yay, I'm on holidays!

Last time I took an overseas trip I was employed in a full time position and had the benefit of holiday pay, so even though I was only travelling for four weeks, I took six weeks off, I had a week before I went away to relax and get into holiday mode, and a week after I got home to get my head around the idea of going back to work.

This time, I am not so lucky. So although I fly out of the country tonight, I worked right up until my draining ten and a half hour shift yesterday. It was a tough day. The first seven hours went along at an easy pace, but the last three and a half, I got kicked in the pants!

The last fifteen minutes I had the pleasure of what I like to call a "need for individual attention" group (or NIAs). There was a large group that just kept getting bigger every time I turned around. It started with one lady who ordered three different flavoured milkshakes. While I was making them, I overheard two more of the NIAs talking about what they wanted to order.

I finished the first three shakes and carried them over to the table. The next lady ordered two more. I asked if anyone else wanted anything. They all ignored me. I made the next two shakes and just as I was about to take them to the table, another NIA came up to the counter. "I'll take those for you" she offered "and I need three iced chocolates, a strawberry shake and a banana shake"

I turned back to the blenders and started preparing the third lot of drinks. Behind me, NIA number four was jangling her keys to get my attention. I envisioned grabbing them from her hand and stabbing her in the eye. "Breath", I told myself, "You're almost out of here"

I looked at the lady. There must have been something in my eyes because she almost took a step back. "Ah, sorry" she stuttered, "Could I have a large coffee and two more shakes?" I shot mind bullets at her, plastered on a smile and took her order. "Last call ladies." I announced, "Does anyone else have an order, because we are closing now"

Nobody responded. I made the last of their drinks, they paid, they left. On her way out, one of the ladies looked at me. "That was a busy little rush for you wasn't it" she grinned. I smiled at her. I started my pack down, I signed out, I locked the doors. I left a note for my co workers: "See you in three weeks guys. Don't miss me too much."

I've already forgotten where I work.

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